Tonya Allen

Executive Director

Nettie Bonds

Operations Manager

Raemann Reyes

Gym and Facilities Manager

Youth Development Coordinator

Michael Song

Dashay Poole-Scott


Tonya Allen specializes in business and organizational development, leadership, diversity/inclusion, strategic planning, and implementation. She has over 20+ years of experience in the strategic consulting and organizational development space working with businesses, organizations, and institutions of higher learning worldwide. Using a collaborative approach to growth and talent optimization, Ms. Allen has developed a successful model of building effective teams, managing all components of organizational and business/fund development, operations, and strategic alignment. She has successfully written and been awarded grants and worked with organizations to successfully identify operational procedures, guidelines, and team-building approaches to enhance their long-term success.  Tonya is the proud mother of one daughter and strives to embody her personal belief and motto: “The Best Is Within, All One Has To Do Is Tap Into It and Believe.”