Using boxing as a model of discipline, courage, and perseverance, EOBA provides high-quality programming and services that promote mental and physical wellness, academic achievement and build vital life skills. We create space for youth to practice, hone, and internalize the tools and attitudes needed to be exemplars of wellbeing for their peers, families, and communities.


EOBA seeks to empower youth to be well-rounded champions for wellness at home, at school, and in their communities.

Our Approach to Youth Development


Our approach to youth development focuses on serving youth holistically by supporting wellness at home, school, and in the community.


Supporting youth and their families with the resources and tools that encourage wellness at home.  


Provide youth with programming and services designed to improve executive functioning skills that lead to greater academic success.   


Youth learn how to contribute to the well-being of their community while acquiring vital life skills and knowledge. 

Wellness at EOBA

EOBA seeks to support youth holistically by incorporating multiple areas of wellness into our programming.  Under EOBA’s model, youth are empowered to access resources and skills that may not have been readily available to them before. EOBA believes that people are unable to reach their true potential if they are unable to fulfill their basic needs and so we aim to consider the basic needs of our youth and provide them opportunities to engage with wellness beyond physical/mental health. To achieve this goal our programming incorporates the 8 dimensions of wellness identified as most critical to leading a healthy life.    

Intellectual Wellness

Factors: Literacy, Technology, Discourse, Mentoring 

Intellectual Wellness

Creativity, knowledge, learning & furthering understanding.

Financial Wellness

Factors: Equity, Budgeting, Debt, Investments, Education

Financial Wellness

Understanding how money influences our state of being & provides access to resources.

Emotional Wellness

Factors: Stress Reduction, Coping strategies, Self-Care

Emotional Wellness

Self-Awareness. Better understanding of one's feelings, how to process them, & how they manifest.

Enviornmental Wellness

Factors: Reducing carbon foot print, Feng shui, Safety

Environmental Wellness

Better understanding one's immediate surroundings and how it relates to the larger world around them. 

Spiritual Wellness

Factors: Optimism, Mindfulness, Purpose, Values

Spiritual Wellness

Alignment & harmony. Understanding & developing one's self in relation to the world around them.

Occupational Wellness

Factors: Hard work, Hobbies, Exploration 

Occupational  Wellness

Discovering how one's interests can support a means of living.

Physical Wellness

Factors: Sleep, Food, Exercise, Self-Esteem 

Physical Wellness

Physical health. Promoting balance of nutrition, physical activity, & mental well-being.

Social Wellness

Factors: Social Circles, Support systems, Self-Esteem, Peer pressure 

Social Wellness

Group dynamics & interpersonal relationships. Better understanding of one's self in relation to those around them.