Program Description


Our youth come into our doors with a wide variety of backgrounds, interests, and lived experiences that require a multifaceted approach in order to best serve them. To support every student in making the most of their present and having the greatest possible opportunity for a bright future, we developed a research-based model of youth development based on eight dimensions of wellness identified by experts as being most critical to living a healthy adult life (physical, emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual, environmental, occupational and financial). By choosing to focus on the whole person in everything we do, we believe we are able to have the greatest impact on our students, as well as model for them the ways in which wellness intersect and overlap in a person’s life. We implement the dimensions of wellness into our programming from a young age to aid students in internalizing what wellness means to them and plan for how they intend to live a life of wellbeing. 

Program Impact

By including eight area of wellness in our programming, we model for our students the important concept that wellness is multifaceted. We don’t expect students to be perfectly balanced in all dimensions at all times; this isn’t realistic for anyone. We want to support youth in recognizing and utilizing ways to build their capacity across all dimensions in order to live healthy, self-sufficient lives. Not all programs include all eight dimensions, in the same way not all activities in a person’s life build every dimension of wellness. Long-term, our focus on multiple aspects of health and wellness will lead to our youth being well-rounded, capable, compassionate human beings who positively contribute to their local, national, and global communities. Just as being successful in boxing takes more than just getting in a ring, life for our youth is about more than letting the world pass them by. It will take a deep understanding of self to be active participants in building the victorious future they envision, not just for themselves but for all of the communities in which they exist.



The East Oakland Boxing Association serves youth ages 5-20 who are residents of Oakland. Our programs are divided into two age ranges:


  • Younger Youth: (Ages 5-13) Youth ages 5-13 are eligible to enroll in the EOBA afterschool program. 


  • Older youth: (Ages 14-20) Youth ages 14-20 are eligible to enroll in our Youth Enterprise, Cornerman Mentor, and/or Boxing Program.  Youth enrolled in the Boxing program are required to volunteer a minimum of 4 hours a month to maintain their gym membership.





EOBA serves youth ages 5-20 

To enroll your child or young adult in our after-school or summer program 


EOBA's afterschool program follows the OUSD school schedule. programing runs M, Tu, Th from 3pm-6pm and W and F from 12-6pm. Youth must attend the afterschool program at least 3 days a week in order to remain enrolled. 

A parent or legal guardian is required to attend a program orientation on Wednesdays at 5:30pm.

*EOBA offers free transportation in partnership with selected schools within a 2-mile radius to ensure that students have a safe and reliable way to participate in programming daily when other modes of transportation are not available to them.