Youth Enterprise

Program Description


The Youth Enterprise program is EOBA’s alternative for students who have expressed that college is not a part of their future plans. While we support higher education for all students, we also recognize the reality that not all students believe college is a necessary part of their future, or believe they need more life experience before deciding if college is right for them. We believe students hold the power to decide what is right for their future and the Youth Enterprise program seeks to support students in building a life of wellbeing when they have decided that college is not right for them. Our primary goal in the Youth Enterprise program is to impart the skills students need to become self-sufficient, positive members of their community, with the capacity to work for themselves and ability to collaborate successfully with others. Students learn entrepreneurial skills including project planning, budgeting, and marketing design and research. Through internships with local businesses, students also gain critical job readiness skills including resume writing, interview techniques, time management, and digital literacy.

Program Impact

When students choose not to attend college they can sometimes feel as though the doors to upward mobility have been shut on them. While college is an important option, we believe that in order to be champions of wellness in their families and communities, students must have examples and guidance in living well beyond college. Our Youth Enterprise program will support students in being positive examples for their peers and community members by gaining the tools needed to live sustainably and contribute to the wellbeing of others.

Correlation to Wellness




We want a life of wellbeing to be available to all of our youth, should they choose to attend college now, in the future, or not at all. By recognizing and responding to the lived experiences of our students and preparing them for the future they desire, we support the development of their social, intellectual, occupational, and financial wellness. Social wellness encompasses a sense of belonging and finding one’s place in the world, which we believe the Youth Enterprise program supports through access to community partnerships and exposure to a variety of job opportunities. Through their exploration and training, youth are able to gain understanding of the job possibilities available to them that support their interests and abilities. We aim to place students in intellectually stimulating environments that help them to build the necessary skills to live independently and contribute positively to the community.