Program Description


Theater rounds out EOBA’s artistic programming (in addition to the Art and Music/Dance programs) and provides opportunities to explore a critical avenue of artistic expression. Students are involved from start to finish in learning about every aspect of theater productions, including scriptwriting, character development, and set, prop, and costume design. Theater also exists to tell stories and storytelling is one of the most ancient forms of creative expression and entertainment, with evidence tracing back to nearly every culture around the world. Through our theater program, youth are able to tell the stories most important to them and find a connection to others in the narratives they choose to tell.

Program Impact

Theater provides a way for students to process their stories, share their narratives with others, and learn new skills in the process of putting together theater productions. The critical and creative thinking required to learn all the parts of a stage production builds students’ capacities to take risks and learn lessons along the way. We intend for the skills learned in Theater club to extend to all areas of students’ lives and instill the confidence needed to feel safe trying new things and living beyond their comfort zone.

Correlation to Wellness




Theater is an important avenue for building the intellectual, social, and emotional wellness of our youth. Through the challenges involved in making a story come to life on stage, students are pushed to take healthy risks and make the necessary mistakes to build their intellectual capacity. Theater also builds student literacy through creative reading and writing as part of the process of creating theater productions. The freedom to craft narratives about their lived experiences and express themselves creatively provides an important outlet for many of our students who feel silenced in other areas of their lives. Finally, theater is inherently a social art form, requiring the collaboration and creative minds of many individuals to be successful. Through their work in the Theater club, students experience the benefits of creative problem solving and the satisfaction that comes with working with others to build something bigger than any one person can do on their own.