Our Story

Anchored in East Oakland, EOBA serves as a critical resource connecting school, family, and community to strengthen youth’s well-being in each of these realms, positioning youth for lifelong success and sustainable futures. For nearly 30 years, East Oakland Boxing Association has served over 30,000 low-income youth of color as one of the only youth development wellness organizations offering services in deep East Oakland neighborhoods and communities. 



Founder, Stanley Garcia helping prepare a young boxer.

Stanley Garcia, former professional boxer and long-time Oakland resident, founded the East Oakland Boxing Association in 1987 because he felt strongly that boxing saved his life by keeping him positively engaged and off the streets. Since then, the organization has expanded its services to include academics, gardening, art, enrichment, field trips, and more.

For over 30 years, EOBA has provided free programs in the East Oakland community to over 60,000 youth and their families.

The EOBA received recognition from the California State Legislature for being “Dedicated to the Sustainable Future of the Community” and from the State Assembly for “Collaboration on Green Jobs and a Green Economy and Commitment to Providing Youth with Work-Readiness Training, Leadership Skills, and Guidance.” EOBA also received the “Green Hero” Award for efforts in making Oakland a greener city. EOBA’s organic garden is a certified backyard wildlife habitat through the National Wildlife Federation.

To provide a range of quality services, the EOBA partners with over 20 Bay Area-based organizations. In partnership with the Alameda County Community Food Bank, we distribute over 7,000 pounds of food each month during our monthly food distributions. Over the course of the year, this amounts to $250,000 worth of food!

Sadly, in 2010, our Founder, Stanley, passed away. Still, his dream lives on in a legacy of caring and compassionate staff and new waves of curious minds, aspiring youth, and recent high-school graduates.

CNS Oakland EOBA Exclusive Interview - Brian Pollack, 1998