Music & Dance

Program Description

Music and Dance are some of the oldest forms of self-expression and community building around the world. Many cultures use music and dance to celebrate accomplishments, mark important rites of passage, and to come together in joy and creativity. The Music and Dance program provides another creative outlet for youth in addition to the Art and Theater programs. Younger students learn body and spatial awareness through guided movement, as well as an appreciation for the different ways instruments come together to create rhythm and harmony. Older students learn choreography as well as production by putting on dance routines during larger sitewide events. Together, all youth participating in the Music and Dance clubs connect to an ancient tradition of finding connection to rhythm and sound and having fun doing it. Future programming for the Music and Dance club seeks to provide lessons in drumming and other instruments, as well as more exposure to cultural dances and music.

Program Impact

Music is woven throughout many aspects of life and dance is a proven way to release stress and express joy. Through our Music and Dance club we support students in having fun, being creative, and connecting to larger traditions.

Correlation to Wellness






Music and Dance naturally have a large social aspect to participation. Students work together to learn choreography and bond over the vulnerability that comes with trying new dance moves or listening to music that may not be a part of their culture or interests. The physical movement involved in dance provides a fun way to get students moving and works in conjunction with our traditional sports programming to show students being physically active can encompass more than what they are used to for exercise. Having fun and being active also promotes greater emotional wellness through stress relief and building relationships with others through the creative outlets of creating and moving to music.