Media & Technology

Program Description

The Technology & Media club began as a foundation level course designed to build students’ technological capacity. While our youth love being on the internet and possess sharp social media savvy, many students are underprepared in basic typing, web navigation, web safety, and internet research skills. Since its inception, Media club has expanded to meet the growing needs and interests of our youth by offering instruction in entry-level coding, video filming and editing, and blogging. By some estimates more than 50% students entering school today will one day work in a job that doesn’t currently exist. Media club aims to impart critical 21st century technological skills as well as the critical thinking necessary to put these skills to good use in their futures.

Program Impact

In our students’ futures they will face an ever changing technology and media landscape and once unheard of tools will be a part of their everyday lives. Technology and media are already a part of how we eat, sleep, exercise, connect with loved ones, and make critical decisions. We know our students need as much support as possible in learning to navigate both new and familiar territory. By providing a deeper intellectual understanding of technology and media, we are directly impacting our students’ ability to be responsible with technological advancements as well as the media they produce and consume.

Correlation to Wellness






It is undeniable that technology and media are deeply embedded into every aspect of our society and that it is not possible to prepare youth for the future without preparing them to safely and intelligently engage with technology. Through critical exploration, the Media club prepares students to experience intellectual wellness in the realm of technology. Students have opportunities to be creative problem-solvers, as well as guidance in how to be smart digital citizens.