Family Support

Service Description

We aim to include students’ families in a variety of ways across our programming.  First, we support families through advocacy by supporting them in finding local free and low-cost services/ programs, advocating for their young person’s needs in finding school-based support, and help in finding necessary mental and physical health services. Second, we provide support in helping our families to gain financial and digital literacy through targeted workshops such as budgeting for college or basic web and office program navigation. Finally, we provide a variety of services to our families to help them support their students’ journeys. Some of these supports include support with the transition to college or a career, behavior support, and crisis support such as finding emergency shelter or food.  


By strengthening our students’ families ability to support them, we extend the reach of our impact beyond the walls of EOBA. We believe that for a student to truly live a life of wellness, as well as be empowered to champion wellness in their communities, students must have supportive and healthy home environments. We believe families are our partners in building a young person’s capacity to be healthy and to thrive. By providing myriad supports for families, we aim to enable young people to bring their full selves to EOBA every day, for them to fully benefit from the holistic programming we offer. Without the support of their families, for many of our students, the programming would be undone each day when they go home. By bringing families in and making them a part of what we do and whom we serve every day, we increase each young person’s chance to truly be transformed and to impart change in others and their environment.

Correlation to Wellness







At EOBA we believe healthy people build healthy families and healthy families create healthy communities. We know families are the root of a young person’s support system and we aim to magnify that support and be a partner for our families in building up our youth.


The dimensions of wellness for a young person are impacted by family support in the following ways:


  • Physical: Families are welcome to work out with their students during planned family exercise events


  • Emotional: Families can receive coaching from a credentialed psychologist in supporting the development of their young person’s emotional wellness, especially as it relates to emotional concerns that come with regard to learning, social and behavioral issues 


  • Spiritual: Families can be the strongest support system in a young person’s life during times of difficulty.  EOBA provides workshops to help emphasize the importance of these familial relationships in the development of optimism and resilience for youth and families


  • Social: We host community events where families are welcome to come to meet other families and support and celebrate their youth


  • Intellectual: Workshops such as our Digital Literacy series support families in gaining new knowledge in order to better support their young person  


  • Environmental: EOBA provides families with workshops on mindfulness, so they can better understand their environments, stressors, and build coping strategies to help them navigate their surrounding and respective situations.


  • Occupational: We offer support in college and career planning in order to enable our families to help their youth make the best possible decisions for their future. Our programs provide a safe place/childcare for youth while parents are working. 


  • Financial: Through our financial literacy workshops, we empower families to feel confident in planning financially for their young person’s future, whether that entails college or them embarking on their own after high school