Academic Enrichment

Program Description


EOBA’s academic programming encompasses three main areas: literacy/tutoring, promoting executive function, and college readiness. All students participate in reading and homework time every day in order to provide as much support as possible in achieving their academic goals. EOBA’s library has high-interest books at all levels of ability in order to encourage independent reading. College volunteers are available for tutoring in all subject areas and Youth Leadership interns receive training in peer tutoring as part of their responsibilities. Finally, students preparing for college receive support in choosing the right college, budgeting, writing application essays, and finding scholarship and grant money for college. At EOBA we believe academics are a core component of preparing students to be champions in their communities by preparing them to take advantage of every available opportunity for advancement and growth.

Program Impact

We want our youth to be champions for positive change in the community and we know academic preparedness is a key component of them being the change they want to see. By supporting our students in achieving academic success, we increase their capacity to be change agents for themselves and others. Many of our students have high hopes of going to college and returning to the community as teachers, doctors, activists, and more. We see our academic support programming as a critical component of creating a bright future for us all.

Correlation to Wellness




High academic achievement is beginning to be connected to many aspects of living a life of wellbeing including but not limited to intellectual, occupational, and financial wellness. College graduates earn on average 56% more than those with no degree and the earning gap is growing. The importance of education for our young people is exacerbated by the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult to leave a life of poverty and marginalization without access to education beyond high school. We don’t see college as a means of leaving behind the community but a means of gaining access to the resources and tools needed to transform the community. Education provides our students with access to a wider array of occupations and the persistence needed to pursue those occupations. While we don’t want our students’ lives to revolve around the pursuit of financial capital we also recognize that many of the resources required to live a healthy life, including access to nutritious food, quality healthcare, safe housing, and recreational activities all require access to and understanding of how to manage money. As it has become clearer that academic achievement is directly tied to a greater sense of wellbeing, we have placed great importance on high academic achievement for all of our students in order to support their pursuit of wellness.