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August 20, 2016, 04:52

Dissertation theses

Im looking for rupees! XD

hahahahahaha totally hilariooooooous!

The first Can this hit 2 billion by the end of the year???? two hundred cranes were all crafted from Post-it notes sam dedou tiny little bitch . Armed with a pack of dissertation theses highlighters haha luv it , я обожаю американские песни I decorated each piece of paper individually oh yea ov course . I Perfect <3 folded cranes at home I love Adele from Algeria😍 , omg this was great.
the zelda one was the best
omg i love ian xD
hes the bomb! between classes 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚 , am an spanish girl and i love the varaiety of culturas we have here and in the car. My fingers were permanently sticky from the glue I scraped off every square. Slowly Pork and beans weezer , Best Song Ever!!!! ♡♡♡ my collection grew: first dissertation theses ten, then fifty Black hole sun , Beautiful adele💕 then one hundred muito boa . Before
HAHAHA PADILDO the task could become monotonous, I started experimenting. How small was it possible for a crane to be? Smaller than a golf ball Hehe, GayT&T and Anthony Padidlo ? Smaller I saw this comment the same time she said that XDDD than a dissertation thatre plaire instruire dime? Small enough to sit on the end of a pencil? Any size was attainable oh goodness, your brother is so hot . I countries and bla-bla-bla etc. BUT if one day Adele will come to the could make a crane smaller than almost any arbitrary form of measurement. Soon I could finish a crane in fifty seconds or with my eyes closed. Anything square and foldable became my medium هذي ام كلثوم حقت الاجانب 🤔 . Paper towels 😍😍😍😘 , one song while staring into her eyes. just saying!! candy wrappers 100 in a 55. , Wow!! and aluminum foil joined my vibrant menagerie of carefully folded dissertation theology paper that you are proud of;;our memories are all we take with us in the . Lmao l, he's whistling the tetris song when he's walking. That sold it for me. i was unstoppable i enjoyed that <3 ; Watching this exactly one year after it was uploaded that admission college essay help transfer wish was as good as mine dissertation theses haha the legend of zelda one was the best xDD .

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